Pakula Dojo Peche Ball Bearing Swivels

PAKULA ARCHIVES: The products on this page are Legacy Products that are no longer in production.

- Same specifications as the snap swivels.- Stainless steel snap and swivel
- Tournament high strength snap
- Double swivel rings to mininise tangles
- Super smooth rotation due to both ends of the swivel having ball bearings.Hints:-
- Smaller snap swivels reduce line twist more than larger snap swivels
- Use snap swivels large enough to not jam in rod tips
- If using a swivel at the end of a double use a snap swivel rated at twice the line class used.
- If using snap swivels in wind on leaders use ratings equal to the leaders breaking strain.
Swivel Unpackaged
Size Test Strength
2 161 lbs 74 kg
3 198 lbs 90 kg
4 276 lbs 126 kg
5 331 lbs 151 kg
6 441 lbs 201 kg
7 551 lbs 251 kg
9 882 lbs 401 kg
Swivel Packaged
Snaps Drawing
logo 100

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