Pakula Original Hothead® Slap Skirt™

Pakula Slap Skirts™ were first made by Peter Pakula in his Kitchen Over in Onslow St Rose Bay using a heat set plastic in the late 1970's. The liquid was placed in an oven tray and then heated to harden and cure.

As the oven was not level the skirts came out tapered, thin at one end and quite thick at the other. This was fortunate as the tapered skirts slapped the surface of the water and generated a massive bubble trail while also stabilising the lure so that it could be run in calm to very rough seas.

These skirts were used on Short and Long Chuggers, also made in the Oven.

As the fumes were toxic resulting in Peter ending up in hospital from their effects very few of these lures and skirts were produced.

Onslow Lure

Original Onslow Sreet Lure with Slap Skirts™

BB Slap Skirt 650

New Slap SkirtsTMbased on the Onslow Street Slp SkirtsTM

Slap Skirt Colours

Slap Skirts are available in the following colours: Red, Black, Ice Blue, Violet, Green and Chartreuse


We re-introducing the first 'Hero' Pakula Lure, the Beer Barrel dressed in Pakula Slap Skirts.

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