Pakula Flash Strips and Flash Strip Dredges

Flash Strip n dredge 280

There are two versions of the strips, single and triple.


single strip long

Single Flash Strip:

Single Flash Strip with 5 flash decals.
Code: FSS   Single Strip   Length: 4 feet - 1.22m   Decals: 5

tripple strip long

Triple Flash Strip:

Triple Flash Strip with 5 Flash decals on each of the 3 strips which can be threaded onto a leader.
Code: FST   Triple Strip  Length: 4 feet - 1.22m   Decals: 5 on each of the 3 strips


 12 inch rigged dredge

12" Dredge with 6 single and 1 Triple Flash Strips

This a great trailer boat dredge as they are easy to store in a bucket
Code: DB12RF

 2420inch20rigged20dredge 700x700

24" Dredge with 12 Single and 1 Triple Flash Strips

Code: DB24RF


Normally flash type strips are used on dredge bars which are indeed very effective but can be quite difficult to use and store on smaller boats.

There are many effective ways of using these strips to increase your confidence in attracting more fish some of which are:

01 witchdoctor with strips

By using the single strips on a subsurface exciter such as the Pakula Witchdoctor you can certainly increase their effectiveness. It's simple enough to do as shown below, by forming a loop in the cord and pass it through the swivel on a snap swivel and lopping over the snap. Pull it tight and it will stay in position. Then put the single flash strip on the snap and you're ready to go.

We suggest using a snap swivel whenever attaching a flash strip to a cord.

01 Snap on cord 700

03 Digger strip

You can use the Flash Strips on surface running spreader bars. Using the foam floats on the outer sides of the spreader bar will help it run true in the surface layers and add some splash and vibration as well.

The closer to the surface you run the Flash Strips the more flash you will get as the light dissipates quickly the deeper it is.

04 sinkers

A really easy way is to use the Triple Flash Strips on their own. You can adjust the depth and stability by adding some weights on the leader, but once again, the closer to the surface the more flash you'll get and in most trolling situations using skirted lures you want the fish to look up at and come to the surface.

05 bird
Brids are very effective teasers and can be used in conjunction with the Flash Strips.

05 Lure Teaser and Strip

The effectiveness of teaser lures can be increased by using Flash Strips both in front of the lure and behind them.

06 Rigged Lure and Strip

The effectiveness of a hooked lure can be increased by running Flash Strips in front of the lure. 

Note: In some situations ie Tournaments and Club point scores this may not be allowed. Please ask the tournament judge or club captain for a ruling on this.

There are no rules or limitations in using Flash Strips. It is really up to your imagination and innovation to use these very effective fish attractors.

























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