Squidnation and Pakula Tackle to Distribute Their Respective Products

December 2015

Pakula press 280Squidnation, Inc and Pakula Tackle Australia, have entered into an agreement to distribute their respective products.  Squidnation will be distributing Pakula products in North and Central America and Pakula will distribute Squidnation Products in Australia.  The agreement was established in principle in early December and the distribution channel has been opened and operating since Dec 20th.

Squidnation owner Bill Pino said,” the idea of offering Pakula products along with our Squidnation products was brewing for a few years.  We specialize in teasers, squids and dredges.  We have long been Pakula users and have had great success with their Wombat and Sprockets behind our Squidnation Flippy Floppy Things and teaser chains.  Peter is an innovator in the industry. 

He was the first to add UV to his skirts and now is perfecting 3D printing of lure heads.  We welcome that type of innovation and will look forward to working with Peter Pakula on some collaborative efforts in the near future.  We met on the Gold Coast of Australia earlier this year and decided that a co-distribution would be a good idea for both companies”.   Squidnation will be offering wholesale distribution of the entire Pakula line of Tackle to retail shops throughout North and Central America.

Pakula Owner Peter Pakula said.” Dredge fishing in Australia is in its infancy.  We kept hearing the name Squidnation come up when discussing artificial dredges and that Squidnation was at the forefront of dredge innovations.  They also really put their name on the worldwide fishing map with the incredible success of their Flippy Floppy Product.  We like the idea of having a distribution channel again in the United States and Central America and also like the fact that Squidnation is a family run operation much like Pakula Tackle Australia.  We look forward to working with Squidnation and distributing their products throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Pakula Tackle Australia offers innovative big game fishing tackle, including big game lures, big game hooks, trolling lure skirts, rigs, tools and accessories.  Pakula Tackle introduced Lumo and UV additives to the world of game fishing. In fact, Lumo is a Pakula registered trademark! All our lures both heads and skirts have our new UV2 additives. It is quite likely that out of all the lure makers Pakula Tackle has offered anglers far more than any other.

Squidnation was built out of a passion for offshore fishing.  Squidnation is a thriving family owned and operated business providing products for fisherman worldwide.  We pride ourselves on testing every single product we come out with and sell on the market.  When we say “we” we mean the owners of the company.  Our promise to you is that we will test it ourselves and if the product doesn’t work we will not release it.  It is still our passion to fish as much as we can and to make products that we will use ourselves. 

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Australia, Brisbane
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