Pakula Instruction How To Video Gallery

On the Boat Part 1

Angler Training - Basic

Lure Choice Part 1

Pakula Air-Head Rigging (Bait & Switch)

Pakula Lure Additives

Make a Pakula Shackle Rig

Sharpening Hooks for a Skirted Lure

Grand Slam Analysis Part 1

Grand Slam Analysis Part 1

On the Boat Part 2

Angler Traing - Advanced

Lure Choice Part 2

Punch Out Light Gauge Hooks

Setting the Drag on a Game Reel

Pakula Swivel & Keel Rig

Grand Slam Introduction

Grand Slam Analysis Part 2

Grand Slam Analysis Part 2

Outrigger Tag Line Demonstration

Hook Choice

Deploy Witchdoctor and Spreader Bar

Sharpen Hooks

Choosing a Pattern of Lures

Re-Skirt a Pakula Lure

Grand SlamTournament Plan

Grand Slam Analysis Part 3

Grand Slam Analysis Part 3

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