Pakula Stainless Deckies Pliers

Pakula Stainless Deckies Pliers are made from surgical stainless steel by a surgical instrument factory.

  • - The cutters are hardened to easily cut through wire up to 2mm stainless cable.
  • - They are spring loaded with springs in each handle.
  • - Extra Length Handles to give extra power and grip.
  • - Fine serrated jaws to securely hold on to the smallest items.
  • - Handles have dulled ports to maximise grip even with wet slippery hands.
  • - Includes Hand sewn embossed leather pouch.

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Wash pliers after a days use and ensure pliers and pouch are dry before returning the pliers into the pouch. Oil the Pliers and leather periodically to ensure the pliers last a very long time.

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