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Fishuing and Fishing Trips Video Gallery

Gold Coast to Vanuatu Trip

Damien Huckstep's First Marlin

Blue Marlin Double Hookup

Shore Based Rooster Fish in Mexico

Fast Black on the Pakula Animal

Peter Pakula in Palau

Spinning on the Gold Coast Part 1

Rob Pirie about the Grand Slam

Black Marlin in Green Water

Team Ruff N Tuff Mix

Hand Feeding Yellowfin in Green Water

Mark Palazzi's Blue

Insight NSW Australia Game Fishing

Ken's Big Blue on the Pakula Grady White

Segtting a FAD in Vanuatu

Spinning oin the Gold Coast Part 2

Giant Blue Fin on PEI

Giant Blue Fin on PEI

About the Pakula Friendly Tournaments

Leon's Big Blue

In Deep's Black on Spin Gear - Exmouth

Jo & Peter Pakula in El Salvadore

Adam's First Blue on Pakula Grady White

Surfers Paradise - Australia

The TBF in Australia

The TBF in Australia

The TBF in Australia